15th May 2017

Insurance Claims

Car insurance claim assistance

At Morris Young Motors Ltd we endeavor to make your clam process as stress-free as possible.

People who have been involved in road accidents often find themselves under a lot of stress as these trying circumstances unfold.

If you have been in an accident and wish to make a claim from either your own insurance or as a third party please dont hesitate to get in touch with us. We can assist you through the stages of getting your vehicle back onto the road.

We can provide a recovery service for those who find that their cars have become undrivable after an accident.

We can provide a same-day estimate for the repairs.

We can submit our estimate to the relevant insurance company.

We can then liase with the insurer on your behalf and make all of the necessary arrangements to get your car back on the road again!

Claims Assistance

If you require any help with the claim forms then we can assist you. We can then fax your completed claim form along with our estimate to the relevant insurance company or broker. We can arrange the assesors inspection. Often we can send the estimate and images of the damage to the assessor digitally for possible desktop authorisation. Our claims experience goes back for years and years – I’m sure that we can help you!

It is worth noting that it is your choice who repairs your vehicle regardless of what your insurance company tells you when you speak to them. If you have chosen us then you can rest assured that we will endeavor to carry out any repairs to your complete and absolute satisfaction and as quickly as possible to keep your life as stress-free as possible.

And don’t forget about the courtesy car!